The end of summer has come, and the beginning of winter is here. But, the cold shouldn't stop anyone from having fun in their backyard.

Think outside the box this winter and go outside to party! Stay warm with blankets. Make a bonfire. Play winter games. Take a dip in the outdoor hot tub. Serve warm-you-up food. Let the snow-kissed beauty of the landscape be your primary focus.

You can host an outdoor party even when it's snowing. There are many reasons why you might do this. Snow allows for new activities that aren't possible in the summer. Dogs seem to love it.

It is spring, and time to get outside again after the cold and chilly winter! Invite some friends over and host an outside spring dinner party in the backyard with these useful tips.

Spring is all about getting back outside. That makes this time of year perfect for outdoor dining!! The weather is ideal, and bugs are not out in full force yet.

From backyard fêtes to backyard BBQs, graduation parties, to bridal showers, the entertaining outdoor season is almost upon us. The key to success? Could you keep it simple?

In Southern California, we're blessed to have some pretty terrific weather during the year. Many people in San Diego County, Riverside County, or Orange County area have to go to places like Big Bear to find any real snow.

Even with all our days of sun and yearlong great weather that most of the country desires, winter adds a chill to the air, and we need at least a few sweaters in our cabinets.

We are indeed blessed with the capacity to enjoy outdoor living any month of the year. However, colder months may make outdoor entertaining a bit less comfortable and require preparation before your guests come.

Outdoor entertaining and living are essential to life; most people love spending time outdoors, surrounded by wildlife, sounds, the fresh air and smells of their environment. This means you will need to provide your guests with an outdoor area where they will feel comfortable. That requires you to begin designing that space before the hot weather arrives so can you enjoy it all summer.

If you have not given your outdoor spaces a second thought since autumn, you may need advice about the latest trends. Here are some design tips to jumpstart your creativity and to get your areas prepared for sunny skies.

Warmer weather makes people want to go outside. Wide-open spaces can provide more space to maneuver around and reduce the potential for damage to the interior of your home.  We have been victims of outside get-togethers gone awry, but now we vow to throw the perfect gathering on the patio or deck — free of incident.

Fortunately, we are not left to our own devices to see this through. Local entertaining specialists have been kind enough to share their words of wisdom and instruct us how to throw the patio parties (or bashes) this season. Bid farewell to flies, hello to fresh flowers, and master your table setting by following the excellent advice of master entertainers, local caterers, florists, event planners, and business owners.

To provide an excellent patio party experience, you will want to create a fun and inviting environment. Here's what you will need to create the sort of space that neighbors will not want to leave.

The summer can spoil you. You get accustomed to enjoying your patio when spending evenings and afternoons outside, and the cold begins to strike. In late autumn and winter, evenings on the patio or in the garden suddenly start to feel like a non-option – until you get an outdoor heater.

An outdoor heater expands how much of this year, you are in a position to comfortably make the most of the outdoor spaces of your home. For a few weeks longer, you and any guests you host can proceed to enjoy the experience in the yard without getting too chilly.

You have some different options for maintaining your patio or lawn nice and toasty on chilly days. This guide will explore the kinds of heaters available and the essential factors you need to consider helping you pick the best one for you.

Start moving your parties outside this season. As the days become longer and temperatures warm, it becomes easier -- and more fun -- to host parties in your lawn. Easier does not necessarily mean simple, though. Entertaining your friends' al fresco comes with its fair share of challenges.

The good news is that that with a little preparation, an outdoor party can be extremely low-maintenance. Getting everyone together outdoors brings fresh air. Expectations are lower, the natural elegance of your lawn does most of the decorating work, and when things get messy, a hose handles the cleanup. Are you set to make the most of the summer season and moving your party into the fresh air? Here are five entertaining outdoor tips that will help you get started.

Summer brings much joy since the weather is hot and free from snow in many western parts of the globe. The coming of summer sounds good, but the only problem is that temperatures can be too high to the extent of causing discomfort.

For example, high weather temperatures may not be safe for your health, and they can have effects like sunburns for some people. Sitting outside can cause a lot of discomforts, forcing people to sit indoors, but this is not always a viable option. When hosting friends or family it may be more fun to sit outside on your patio since the environment is larger and greener.

If you want to stay cool on your patio or any resting place outside your home, there are portable cooling options that you can use especially in hot summer weather. These cooling options are specifically designed to give some comfort under hot weather conditions. The most important thing that you should keep in mind is that cooling a patio is not as hard as you may think. Therefore, the following patio cooling ideas can give you peace of mind this during the warm months.

 Best patio Furniture For Family And Friends

Patio furniture is one of an important elements of an outdoor patio area. If you want family and guests to be comfortable, they need a good place to sit. This means sofas, loungers, chairs and a good table in the middle.

One of the most important considerations here is the layout of this outdoor furniture. Clearly, it all needs to fit in the space provided and work as a set. However, there is more to creating a great layout than that. The following tips highlight areas of design and functionality to help you with your look.

Outdoor Heating Products

We all want to make the most out of our outdoor areas. Patios areas are ideal for family gatherings, especially in the summer months when the evenings stay bright and cool. It can be harder to spend so long out there in the colder temperatures of spring or shorter evenings of fall. One solution here is to invest in some outdoor heating to take the edge off. There are lots of ways to add some heat to a patio. They range from basic furnishing to large fires, with some interesting outdoor heating products in-between. It all comes down to finding the right option for your needs, and space.

Tips For Creating The Man Cave Garage In The Outdoor Living 

Everyone needs their space, somewhere they can retreat to when they need to relax, unwind and indulge in activities. Some people create serene studies and reading books. Many women have taken to turning guest bedrooms into craft rooms for art, sewing or jewelry making. So what about the men? The man cave is a fairly modern phenomenon, but one that has caught on significantly. Some have the opportunity of creating one in a guest bedroom. Others face relegation to an outdoor shed for a new take on outdoor living.

Best Outside Decorating Ideas

Patios are an important part of a garden. They provide a whole other area where we can sit, contemplate the garden or dine outside. They are also perfect places for the family to come together to chat and share a drink. This is all great in theory, but this can only happen if you create an attractive, inviting space that impresses guests.

If space is bare, unloved and offers nothing of interest, the family may stay indoors. Considering the appeal of the patio from different angles is important. Here are some top tips on outside decorating ideas to help your transform an under performing outdoor area.

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