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All Things Patio is about outdoor entertainment that is fun, especially during the warmer summer months. There are many decorating options for outdoor parties including fabrics for outdoor furniture, outdoor heating or cooling products, outdoor fireplace, etc.

This site guides you on how to plan an outdoor party for friends and family. We provide many suggestions for an outdoor party that is in a large garden area to seat everyone, serving a variety of nice drinks & snacks and outdoor entertainment choices like games. 

See articles on how to handle the different weather and changing temperatures, you can choose the misting system to cool down on summer’s afternoon, or outdoor fireplaces for cooler evenings. These fireplaces also add a great ambiance and with the flickering flames.

Patios are the essential part of the garden where we can sit with family & friends and come together to socialize and share a drink.  If you want to impress the guests, you should create an attractive, inviting space for them to hang out. There are many options for decorating the outdoor patio area i.e. a fireplace, furniture conversation sets, and do not forget to create a focal point for the seating area.

An electric fireplace is better than the gas or wood burning outdoor fireplaces. The latest fire products are all about faux flames and embers in an electric fireplace. It gives an illusion of a real fireplace without the fire. While this is safer and more convenient, it generates the real feeling as well as striking appearance.

Now lots of fireplace designs are available on our website which may inspire you. The faux fire logs have developed so that they look pretty realistic, the embers and more pleasing effect on the eye. Some look like traditional stone and brick fireplaces while other has a concurrent aspect.




About Us

All Things of Patio is about the outdoor entertainment that is a bit of fun, especially in the summer. There are many options for decorating the outdoor parties including paramount fabric for outdoor furniture, Outdoor heating or cooling products, outdoor fireplace, etc.

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