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Warmer weather makes people want to go outside. Wide-open spaces can provide more space to maneuver around and reduce the potential for damage to the interior of your home.  We have been victims of outside get-togethers gone awry, but now we vow to throw the perfect gathering on the patio or deck — free of incident.

Fortunately, we are not left to our own devices to see this through. Local entertaining specialists have been kind enough to share their words of wisdom and instruct us how to throw the patio parties (or bashes) this season. Bid farewell to flies, hello to fresh flowers, and master your table setting by following the excellent advice of master entertainers, local caterers, florists, event planners, and business owners.

To provide an excellent patio party experience, you will want to create a fun and inviting environment. Here's what you will need to create the sort of space that neighbors will not want to leave.

Start moving your parties outside this season. As the days become longer and temperatures warm, it becomes easier -- and more fun -- to host parties in your lawn. Easier does not necessarily mean simple, though. Entertaining your friends' al fresco comes with its fair share of challenges.

The good news is that that with a little preparation, an outdoor party can be extremely low-maintenance. Getting everyone together outdoors brings fresh air. Expectations are lower, the natural elegance of your lawn does most of the decorating work, and when things get messy, a hose handles the cleanup. Are you set to make the most of the summer season and moving your party into the fresh air? Here are five entertaining outdoor tips that will help you get started.

Build A Perfect Staycation

There is a fine line when creating the perfect staycation. We have chosen not to travel to a new location in order to have a relaxing, convenient break. We don’t want the week to feel as though we just stayed at home. The right outdoor space will act as a retreat from home with all the luxuries and outdoor entertainment you need. It will just happen to one that is on your property.

Margarita Machine

Every pool party, garden party and outdoor gathering need a steady supply of Margarita Machine drinks. Guests need to stay hydrated and kept happy over the afternoon. For kids, the ultimate option is a fresh ice slushie drink. For adults, it is preferable to have something with a kick. Thankfully, there are user-friendly machines that you can bring outside to keep up with demand. Below we have four very different drinks machines with different functions and price tags. One of these could be the solution for refreshments that you have been searching for. 

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