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Relaxing Backyard Retreat For Your Next Staycation

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Build A Perfect Staycation

There is a fine line when creating the perfect staycation. We have chosen not to travel to a new location in order to have a relaxing, convenient break. We don’t want the week to feel as though we just stayed at home. The right outdoor space will act as a retreat from home with all the luxuries and outdoor entertainment you need. It will just happen to one that is on your property.

A pool area at the back of a garden is ideal, especially if you can turn it into its unique space. Ideally, you should be able to head out there in the afternoon and have everything you need well in the evening. It should be a true escape from home life for decompression and outdoor entertainment. So how do we go about creating this?

Have You Made Sure That This Is A Retreat With A View?

Creating the perfect staycation

Think about what you can see from the pool area while you are relaxing and enjoying your outdoor entertainment. You won't have the vista of a seaside resort or a country retreat in a suburban garden – unless you paint one. However, you can work to hide the views of the mundane, everyday world. Walls and screens shade the area from view and hide the home, street or other buildings. It creates an illusion of seclusion and greater privacy. Also, planting, artwork, water features and other statement pieces all detract the eye from the every day and help us escape.

A Staycation Retreat Needs To Be A Comfortable Space Where We Can Truly Relax

Comfort is crucial when creating the perfect area for outdoor entertainment. It needs to be a place where you can sit, recline or take a siesta. This is an outdoor area in the sun, with a need for the furniture and loungers. These elements need to look good and fit the theme. They should also be comfortable enough to stay in for long periods. Throws and cushions can add to this. A comfortable indoor or sheltered area helps too. A canopy provides shade from the hot sun or unpredictable rain. A small outbuilding can act like a little beach house with water and electricity supplies, meaning you don’t need to go into the main home. This could be a great place to dry off after a dip in the pool, change or mix another drink.

Work To Create An Attractive Space That You Want To Spend Time In

Looks are just as important as function and outdoor entertainment with the ideal garden retreat. Aesthetics come into play in just about everything. This means the style of the pool, materials used in the paving and furniture, color schemes, planting and extra touches. It pays to take the best time to plan and work around a theme. If you want your staycation to resemble a favorite destination, collaborate with that. It could be a recreation of a beach, the lagoon of a tropical paradise or simply the pool area of a high-end hotel. Take ideas from places you have visited and applied them to your area. This is where the right water feature, fire pit, and planting can shine.

Finally, Add To The Outdoor Entertainment With Some Luxury Elements That Add A Holiday Feel

The whole point of this staycation is to feel as though you have had a vacation without leaving the zip code. Therefore, it helps to bring as many elements of a luxury vacation to the pool area as possible. If you can think of little touches to make the place special, try and add them into the budget. This can include features like outdoor entertainment systems, lighting or perhaps a spa system to the pool. Gas heaters that look like Tiki torches are a fun, practical addition to the area.

 In the end, you need to remember that vacations are all about indulgence and relaxation. There is no reason why this cant is true of staycations as well. Look at your poolside area as more than a place for a quick dip. Imagine spending hours there as if it were a hotel or resort pool. Think about all the elements of outdoor entertainment and relaxation that are missing and find the way to rectify that. 

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