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Get Ready To Entertain Outdoors During Colder Months

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The end of summer has come, and the beginning of winter is here. But, the cold shouldn't stop anyone from having fun in their backyard.

Think outside the box this winter and go outside to party! Stay warm with blankets. Make a bonfire. Play winter games. Take a dip in the outdoor hot tub. Serve warm-you-up food. Let the snow-kissed beauty of the landscape be your primary focus.

You can host an outdoor party even when it's snowing. There are many reasons why you might do this. Snow allows for new activities that aren't possible in the summer. Dogs seem to love it.

A winter party is exactly like any other party: people get together for food, drink, and to celebrate the joys of life and our community.  Winter is a long season, but we are here to help. We will help you throw the best outdoor party of your life. Yes, you can do it!

We have some suggestions for menu items, keeping warm, and activities to get everyone involved. Here's what we will be covering today:

How Can I Keep My Guests Warm During An Outdoor Party?

You will close your pool for swimming, but you can use it to float lights or candles or just turn on the underwater pool light for ambiance.  You can still enjoy your backyard with your friends and throw a great party.

Outdoor parties are best if you have a fire pit or chiminea.

There are many ways to keep the party going during winter and keep your guests warm. Here are five ideas to heat your backyard and keep family and friends warm.

1. Fireplace

A fireplace can make your yard a focal point and increase your home's value. In addition, a fireplace is a great way to complete your patio area.

Your guests will have fun enjoying their favorite beverage next to the fireplace. In addition, children will enjoy playing around the fireplace and making s'mores.

A fireplace for outdoor use can run anywhere from $1,500 to $20,000, depending on its size and the materials used. A fireplace typically costs around $3,000 to build. Of course, you can always get a fire pit if this is beyond your budget.

2. Firepit

A fire pit is more affordable than a fireplace. A fire pit is also more portable and serves as a temporary feature in your backyard.

A fire pit is an excellent option for last-minute parties as you can buy it at most home improvement shops relatively inexpensively.

However, you can install a permanent fire pit in your backyard to blend seamlessly with it, just as a fireplace.

3. Bonfire

A bonfire is a great way to heat your backyard if you have enough space. To make the party more exciting and fun, you can bring marshmallows.

Ensure that your bonfire is safe and compliant with all local and governmental regulations. You don't want the police to come and issue you a ticket.

4. Chimeneas

Chimeneas are portable fireplaces that provide warm heat for small gatherings. These fireplaces are great for patio or gravel areas.

They are cheaper than fireplaces and are easy to move.

5. Patio Heaters

Patio heaters are freestanding heaters that are usually fueled by propane. There are many styles, sizes, and prices available. In addition, they come in a variety of sizes and styles, including standing, hanging, and tabletop models.

A faux fireplace heater can give your home a fireplace-like look.

One of our top picks for a firepit is the following:

How To Decorate Your Yard?

Did you pack away your patio furniture? Cool. This is a chance to decorate differently. Cover hay bales with old blankets. These are used as seating.

You can get a picnic table if you don't have one in your backyard. You can find a good table at a thrift shop if you don't wish to buy a picnic table.

Use a tablecloth to cover the snow and make a centerpiece using branches, candles, and pinecones. Remember, it’s just going in the snow, so it doesn’t have to be precious.

Stringing paper lanterns through branches of trees or hanging tealight-filled mason jars from the ceiling will create a warm atmosphere. Also, you can fill pails with snow to create warmth and throw light.

Although you don't necessarily need to have a theme for your party every time, creating one is fun and can be an ice breaker. You can make your party more exciting and fun by using holidays and special occasions like Halloween and birthdays.

Moving on! We discuss what foods and drinks you can serve at your outdoor party.

What Food And Beverages Can I Serve At An Outdoor Party?

Consider what food and beverages you would like to serve. Ideal food should be warm or contain warming spices. Hot apple cider, cinnamon sticks, and rum are some ideas.

All of the preparation work should be done before guests arrive. Serve kebabs. All vegetables, meats, and tofu should be cut and ready for stab. Grab all the necessary cookware.

Set up your seating arrangements and decorate the yard. Make sure you have plenty of firewood. It is possible to start the fire before your guests arrive.

You can impress your guests by bringing out the grill.  With a portable barbeque, you can easily wheel it out of the garage or take the cover off if you’ve been storing it on the patio. You can also enjoy the warmth of your BBQ grill for your party.

Winter months are better for food preparation than summer.  It's not necessary to keep your ingredients cool while you cook. Likewise, you don't need to get out of your house to keep the cooler full of ice next to the grill.

Each dish is served individually as a four-course meal. A grill is placed over the fire or atop the chiminea to heat a pot soup.

This is a good way to warm your guests up. After everyone has warmed up, grill some pizzas or kebabs.

Outdoor parties are great with cheese or chocolate fondues as they make delicious snacks and offer warmth. Hot dogs and roasting marshmallows are a great part of every party.

Serve food and beverages on rustic camping gear such as enamelware, thermoses, or tin cups. It's easy to freeze cold drinks; stick them in the snow!

Make hot chocolate inside the house and serve outdoors!

You’re also going to be super warm near the fire, which is usually a problem in the summer.

A steady fire takes about twenty minutes. So having a grill warm in the backyard can help you get started on your guests' warming up.  You want guests to be encouraged to enjoy the outdoors at the party.

Instead of asking them to take off their coats and make themselves comfortable, let them go out and see the magnificent fire and table spread.

So, how many people should you invite to your party? Stay with us to find out!

What Is The Best Number Of People To Invite To An Outdoor Party?

It can be a hassle to get in and out of your house. Guests and pets can track snow going back in and out.

You'll not only be wasting energy and creating a wet mess, but you will also waste much of your energy by constantly opening and closing the door, letting out heat. So don’t stop yourself due to cold weather: it is easy to stay warm outdoors. 

You don't need to invite dozens of people to your winter party. Invite a couple of friends or single friends to the hot tub with you.

They’re heated, so you’re not going to have to worry about freezing in the water. The combination of steamy water and the cool, crisp air outside is so refreshing.

The hot tub will come with a cover to protect it from the elements, but you may want to shelter it from the snow after a storm.

Hard-top gazebos make an excellent shelter for your hot tub. A gazebo is great for outdoor parties in winter. You can place the hot tub under the gazebo's cover, or you can provide additional sheltered seating for your guests.

You can also provide outdoor heating for your guests, in addition to seating in the gazebo. Instead of guests standing around in jackets with gloves, they can be comfortable within the warm bubble of the gazebo.

You have winterized your backyard, but what about a cast iron chiminea? You can use it in the snow once or twice, and we won’t tell if you have a fire pit, even better.

You'll also need to provide guests with fun activities, such as roasting marshmallows and lighting a fire. In addition, you might consider lawn games that you can use from spring/summer through winter.

We discuss how to keep your party going and how to entertain your guests.


What Can I Do To Make My Outdoor Party More Fun?

Outdoor inflatable games are great for outdoor play.  The winter is a great time to enjoy sports tubes outdoors. Although it's intended for floating on water, you can also use it to transport snowy objects around your property.

This could lead to snow fights or snow forts, where the combatants choose teams. To ensure that nobody is hurt, make sure you have created a snowball fight safety guide ready before your guests arrive.  You might be struggling to find ideas for your next get-together because there isn't enough space in your home.

After the adults have been happily fed and drank some whiskey to warm up, the kids threw snowballs and build their snowmen, the dog is tired from catching the thrown branches.  Then just like the summer days in the backyard, you can watch a movie on the big screen from a comfortable chair by the fire pit. Regardless of whether you have a pergola, you need to set it away from the flames so that the screen doesn't melt. Then everyone can snuggle up next to a warm fire.

As the sun goes down, enjoy good conversation and warm drinks well into the night.  Sometimes it can get windy on some days, so you might consider buying a party tent.  You can store extra food and drink here and offer a separate space for visitors to seek shelter or a place for Seven Minutes in Winter Wonderland.


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