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The New Summer Trends In Outdoor Furniture

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Outdoor entertaining and living are essential to life; most people love spending time outdoors, surrounded by wildlife, sounds, the fresh air and smells of their environment. This means you will need to provide your guests with an outdoor area where they will feel comfortable. That requires you to begin designing that space before the hot weather arrives so can you enjoy it all summer.

If you have not given your outdoor spaces a second thought since autumn, you may need advice about the latest trends. Here are some design tips to jumpstart your creativity and to get your areas prepared for sunny skies.

Natural Materials

Metal and vinyl outdoor furniture and attributes are popular for decades. These materials give the clean, contemporary lines important to minimalism, and plastic and metal tend to resist the elements reasonably well. As interest in minimalism has subsided, so does synthetic or artificial materials in outdoor décor. You should research taking natural materials, like wood, wool, cotton, and wicker.

There are many reasons for the design change to more natural materials, but the leading cause is environmental awareness. Materials like wood and cotton usually do not require extensive refinement procedures with harmful or toxic compounds. Instead, they may be sustainable and clean. In comparison, both plastic and metal have catastrophic environmental consequences. As long as you take good care of your outdoor furniture — such as moving them under cover during stormy weather — you should be able to enjoy your outdoor design for years to come.

Warm Colors

In addition to the change in materials, the most popular patio and deck furniture is warm and inviting in color. Color palettes for the home are comparatively cool-toned icy blues, black and white. Colors tend to have a calming effect and are refreshing, but they don't often make a space feel comfy or welcoming.

As the new year dawns, virtually every designer is shifting focus toward earthy and warm colors, such as brown, taupe, gold yellow, dusty red, and olive green.  You can incorporate warm colors in many places on your exterior design, not just your outdoor furniture.

You may consider changing the color of your house's trim around doors and windows or giving a coat of paint to your front and back doors. You can add decorative hardscaping, like fences, using a fresh and inviting color palette. You can repaint your deck or deck your concrete to add color to your exterior. The majority of these fixes are small but pack a significant decorative punch.


It doesn't matter how much effort, time, and expense you put into your living room if your furniture is uncomfortable. Perhaps most significant of all, the qualities you place on your outside living spaces should be practical, meaning guests and you need to enjoy the trendy outdoors with ease and comfort.

One trend impacting functionality in outdoor spaces is the rise in ergonomic outdoor furniture design. Often, deck and patio furniture may feel awkward and stiff because designers prefer weather-hardiness and look over comfort and feel. Ergonomic outdoor furniture ensures to cradle the body, providing lasting support and endure rain or shine.

Additionally, you may consider adding functional qualities to your outdoor living space, converting it into your home's true room. A popular option is to include an outdoor kitchen area, replete with fridge, counter space, cooktop, etc. An outdoor kitchen can be interactive and fun during warm-weather months if you don't wish to separate the party between the kitchen and your lawn. Plus, it provides you more opportunities to design your outside, adding backsplashes, countertops, and light.

One more consideration you might result in your living space is an organic garden. Growing crops such as fruits, vegetables, and herbs can be rewarding and enjoyable, and a bountiful garden features the sustainable trend that is overtaking outdoor décor. You may begin with small plants and containers like tomatoes and basil, but you should not be afraid to expand your garden if you like the hobby.


Most Interesting Outdoor Furniture Trends 2020

Bring the inside out with a big dining table, your outdoor area should be an extension of your house. Your best option at encouraging the dining table is to incorporate a dining table that will accommodate loved ones and your friends.

This way, you will always be ready for trowing a backyard party, and you'll kiss goodbye the old days of squashing round your tiny outdoor table. For the ultimate effect, choose a sleek glass top on a rattan base, complement it with matching chairs in fashion-forward chocolate and black tones.

If you do not have sufficient space to decide on an oversized model, you will get a range of extendable dining tables in any online outdoor furniture purchase. These bits offer you the best of both worlds and have had a stylish update.

1. Chill Out on a Modular Sofa

Imagine spending your long afternoons leaning into the warmth of your outdoor seats, made cozier with luxuriously soft furnishings and plush cushions. The fantasy, ahh. In 2020, Japanese-inspired accommodation is called to take the world of furniture over, and we can not be happier about it.

Modular sofas are getting more and more popular due to their flexibility and ability to match a selection of preferences and accommodate the growing needs of homeowners. This is based on how they choose to entertain or modify their area around. These pieces reveal the merging of style and performance, forcing the furniture industry ahead.

2. Add a Timeless Glory

2020 is all about embracing quality items from the past. You may add a retro-style with the support of furniture to your outdoor space with the help of vintage furniture. You can use a piece of furniture you used to love to catch the vibe to provide your space with a nostalgic flair. By way of instance, you can add an old chair that will bring a feeling of antiquity to your outdoor oasis.

3. Classic Teak vs. Industrial Metal

This year, metal and teak are getting their turn in the spotlight, offering the modern style with a rough edge that we can not get enough of. Teak is the most powerful and most lasting of all hardwoods, while metal delivers a cool aesthetic that looks really great when placed directly near the natural greenery on your garden.

Whether you prefer teak or industrial metal from the upcoming outdoor furniture sale you see will depend on your sense of style and the amount of maintenance, you'll have the ability to provide your furniture. One popular trend this season involves a mixture of materials. You can see combinations of rope, teak, wicker, metal, and marble, in addition to the juxtaposition of contemporary and aged surfaces.

4. Wicker Rules All

Whether you're attempting to design a humble setting or a luxury retreat, wicker is the one material that rules gardens throughout the world. And for some excellent reasons -- it is lightweight, weather-resistant and it combines smooth curves which upgrade any space and designs. From tables and sun lounger to chairs and storage components, wicker radiates a natural appearance even though it is made of synthetic fibers. Also, if you don't maintain it as frequently as recommended, you will usually get years of use.

5. Infuse life with bright Cushions

You might be thinking what the best color for outdoor furniture is, and neutral tones are classic and give an elegant base for your space, making it easier to upgrade how it looks every season. Play it safe, keep the big components of your furniture (the dining table and the couch ) in muted colors, but introduce a pop of color with accessories.

Clashing tones and different-color cushions in various sizes are an excellent way to bring a new appearance to your outdoor accommodation. Opt for your favorite hues or online surf websites like Pinterest to find inspiration and see which colors go well together. Start looking for cushions in colors and patterns that will coordinate with the color you're already using on your furniture. If the theme is neutral, choose two or three bold colors to add depth to your space. The more neutral the context, the more colorful your cushions can be.

In terms of the technical part, if you're wondering, "how can I maintain my patio cushions in place," know that there's an easy hack to stop them from blowing off in windy and stormy weather. The key is using Velcro. Velcro is a two-sided textured surface that, when aligned upward --"sticks" together. It is seen or stuck onto surfaces with self-adhesive support. It comes in several colors and sizes. All you want to do is attach the Velcro between the pillow and the seat frame to keep it in place.

6. Border Your Components with Strip Lighting

The proper lighting supplies that sought-after feel-good feature that sets the ambiance and leaves your space more inviting. The strip light is quite simple to install and can highlight a few of the best areas of your garden. It's the kind to say, grown-up version of fairy lights as it presents a beautiful and clean border under steps, benchtops, or around pools. You can play around with strip light to put in a sparkling glow to structures and along fences. It's one of the simplest ways to create an ambiance and to compliment your outdoor elements.

7. Low Back Curves

The barrel back chair is driving in style in 2020 for outdoor furniture trends. Introduced last year in several collections, including Havana and Newport, this design has been a designer preferred because of its comfort-hugging curves and unlimited style opportunities.

The designers took this furniture trend and expanded it. Both are the same in shape but different in design. The barrel back trend is imbued through the latest Malibu and Santa Barbara collections. For a casual appearance, the Malibu collection combines natural woven finishes to this modern silhouette. And for a more modern and sleek look, the Santa Barbara includes Indonesian teak to this low-profile frame design.

8. Modern Forms

Modern lines are an interior design trend, and it's currently expanding, offering a transition. Modern design with shapes, textures, and clean lines have taken especially. 

9. Outdoor Fabric Shade of the Year: Chambray

From fashion to furniture, Chambray is getting a moment this season! This timeless color is the mixture of gray hues and hues misty blues that will compliment any outdoor style, whether that be coastal cool, English garden chic, or mountain lodge blues. 


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