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Keeping Cool On Your Patio

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Outdoor Cooling Products

Outdoor cooling systems are a must for any homeowner during the summertime. Misting fans are a brilliant solution for adding cool moisture to the air at pool parties, garden parties or other events. How do new consumers go about finding the best cooling systems for their home? The following considerations should point newcomers in the right direction.

The First Issue Is The Type Of Water Supply

There are two ways to access water for outdoor cooling. A tankless master connects to a running water supply or hose, while tanked masters have an onboard water containment system. There is less fuss with tankless models as they shouldn’t run dry. Just start the tap and let it run for as long as needed.

The problem here is that it is harder to calculate water usage, so could get expensive. Tanked options are more portable and easy to regulate regarding water use. However, they may run out part way through the evening.

 This is a small inconvenience to fill it up again and keep guests happy. The frequency of refills depends on capacity. Also, the tanks also require a little more maintenance than tankless options because of any standing water left behind.

How Is The Mist Produced?

This may not seem an important question, as many buyers may not want to get into the technical elements. However, this is an important element of the overall function and effect of these cooling product. There are two main types of misting system available here: the nozzle and centrifugal.

The nozzle name comes from a nozzle on the fan head. A centrifugal option produces a mist from the plates in the center. Nozzle models tend to have 3 to 6 nozzles. This offers a low pressure for a denser mist and can get clogged up. There is a finer, more refreshing mist with a centrifugal system, as there is a higher pressure. Centrifugal systems are more expensive for these added benefits.

The Next Consideration For Choosing Outdoor Cooling Systems Is Their Coverage

By this, we mean the distance, or amount of land, that the cooling mist will cover. Here it is important to look at the CFM (cubic feet per minute) of a product. The higher the figure, the greater the power and potential to cover the area. This high CFM may be a little overboard for small properties. Also, the more powerful they are, the noisier they are.

You do need to be aware of the required area at this point. Is this for a larger property and large gatherings, or for beside a family pool for a couple of months a year? On this note, check the specifications of the model for the estimated coverage to see if the mist will go far enough.

The required coverage and the specifications of the product have to match up. Some big, commercial cooling products can go as far as 1000 square feet, but don’t expect that from a basic model. Also, don’t forget that some additional feature can increase coverage. Does the fan head move and if so, how much? Oscillation can make a big difference here. Height adjustments can also alter the direction and reach of the mist.

Will The Product Be Durable Enough?

The problem with outdoor cooling systems is that we rely on them a lot over hot seasons. We also want them to last for more than one year. Where possible, it is best to choose plastic over metal. Metal product is heavy and strong but can rust too easily if not properly treated. This metal options may be more expensive too. Plastic housing could last longer and reduce the weight, ensuring its remains portable enough.

Look Out For Any Additional Features And Adjustments That Can Help Users On Hot Days

As with all products for the home and garden, there is a competitive market and a range of options. This means that there are different specifications and abilities on different types of cooling products. One of the best places to start is to see if there are different speeds for the fan.

This variability helps if space has different uses. A gentle mist is fine for an afternoon by the pool, but you may need a higher power for larger outdoor parties. Also, can you use the fan without the mist as an extra source of air con on humid days?

Some products have considered buyer needs from many angles. Others are a lot more basic. Finally, look for additional items for portability. This mean handles and wheels on the base, so it doesn’t need lifting into position all the time.

What Will It Look Like?

This may seem a pointless question to some if this is little more than a misting version of an air-con system. However, there are some designs and color options out there. Outdoor cooling doesn’t have to completely ugly. This could help buyers match items to their décor if they desire. Perhaps a black model with wrought iron décor or white with white wicker, although this won't stay clean and pretty for long.

Then There Is The Final Issue Of The Cost Of These Cooling Products

Price can factor into your choice between the type of systems. If you have a low budget and small space, a nozzle form would be best. If you have a larger budget and larger space, go for centrifugal. Figure out your budget and your needs for the area and find something that meets both.

Don’t scrimp on a cheap model if you can afford something better and more effective. At the same time, don’t blow your budget for something where half the features and the power will be a waste.

 Misting systems can seem like a simple product in theory, with their basic bodies, water systems, and fans. There are plenty of considerations to make when choosing the best option for outdoor cooling. Keep all these factors in mind, particularly the space of the property and requirements of the system, and you should be fine. There is the choice out there on cooling products, and there is sure to be the ideal option. 

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