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21 September

Portable Cooling Options For Your Outdoor Patio Featured

Written by  Mary Amelia Moss

Summer brings much joy since the weather is hot and free from snow in many western parts of the globe. The coming of summer sounds good, but the only problem is that temperatures can be too high to the extent of causing discomfort.

For example, high weather temperatures may not be safe for your health, and they can have effects like sunburns for some people. Sitting outside can cause a lot of discomforts, forcing people to sit indoors, but this is not always a viable option. When hosting friends or family it may be more fun to sit outside on your patio since the environment is larger and greener.

If you want to stay cool on your patio or any resting place outside your home, there are portable cooling options that you can use especially in hot summer weather. These cooling options are specifically designed to give some comfort under hot weather conditions. The most important thing that you should keep in mind is that cooling a patio is not as hard as you may think. Therefore, the following patio cooling ideas can give you peace of mind this during the warm months.

Patio Cooling Options

These cooling systems can instantly cool your patio since the water quickly turns from liquid to a mist or gaseous state thereby creating an enjoyable atmosphere. 

1. Patio Misting System

Patio misting is the outstanding cooling system, one such system is called Aero Mist Misting System. Aero Mist patio misting system is appropriate for dry climates, and it works by connecting to the water source. The system then pressurizes the running water forcing it through small mist nozzles that are specially designed to create tiny water droplets. The small water droplets quickly evaporate thereby producing a cooling effect of about 30 Degrees Fahrenheit.

When the misting system is in a proper position, it creates a mist around your gazebo and other open spaces on your patio. This system keeps you fresh during hot summer temperature, and it comes in different types suitable for residential as well as commercial places. You can choose from the "original" portable misting tower or installed patio misting system.

Aero misting system offers designs that make your backyard attractive since they are customizable to match the exterior of your home. The misting tower is suitable for specific places around your patio, and it is also unique in its functions. If the misting system is right for your place, there are some permanent changes that you may need to make at your home. The installation of the plumbing system requires the services of professional plumbers, and this can be costly.

 2. Patio Misting Fans

Patio misting fans are specifically designed to cool outside areas, and they are portable. These fans are similar to large indoor fans, but the only difference is that patio misting fans have mist jets that disperse water along with airflow.

The misting fan operates by utilizing the evaporation system to cool the air around. When the fan disperses water, it quickly evaporates creating cool temperatures. The fan then blows the fresh air to create a refreshing environment. You can connect the fan to a water source in your garden, and there is no special plumbing required.

The patio misting fan is affordable, and it is energy efficient compared to conventional air conditioners. The other advantage of the terrace misting fan is that you can direct it to aim the cooling where you specifically want it. You also have an option of adjusting the speed of the fan to suit your temperature requirements.

In some places, summer heat consists of high levels of humidity. In such areas, you can still use the misting fan, but you should turn the mist function off. The fan can work independently, and it helps to cool the temperature to the level you desire in your patio.

3. Adjust Furniture On Your Patio

The type of furniture on your patio also determines the level of temperature that prevails within it. Dark colors absorb heat while light colors reflect the sun's rays. Therefore, you need to make a better choice regarding selecting patio furniture that you can use on your patio.

The material of the furniture also plays a role in determining the temperature levels. Seats with canvass material are useful since they give you a comfortable and cooling effect. On the other hand, fabrics coated with plastic are not suitable for summer weather. They trap heat from your body and this coupled with high summer temperatures is a recipe for disaster.

The pavers on your patio can also absorb much heat that can scald your feet. A simple method can be used to reduce the effects of scalding heat from the pavers such as adding rugs. Cushions can also help to protect your feet from the heat, and this is a simple and affordable method that can make your patio comfortable during summer.      

4. Installing Ceiling Fans

If there is a ceiling above your patio, then a ceiling fan can be another portable cooling option for the place. However, the ceiling fan does not lower temperatures like evaporative coolers and misting systems. It functions by fooling your body to feel cold as a result of the wind chill effect that it produces.

The fan produces a cool breeze that helps to speed up the evaporation process of your body's natural perspiration. When it is hot, our bodies can sweat, and the cooling effect of the fan helps to accelerate the process of evaporation. The body temperature lowers, and you can enjoy the summer weather on your patio.

A ceiling fan performs best when it is hot since it also harnesses the power of evaporation by cooling off perspiration from your body. A fan is also ideal for any climate since it does not add any humidity. The other advantage of this particular cooling option on your patio is that it is readily available. It is also affordable and easy to install, and it can stay permanently on the ceiling.

5. Evaporative Cooling System

Evaporative coolers use the power of evaporation to cool the temperature around ant place of your home particularly the patio. The system works like an air conditioner, but it uses technology to convert water from liquid state to gas thereby creating evaporation. When the process of evaporation takes places, air temperatures around significantly drop.  

The scientific process of evaporation creates a cooling effect. The evaporative system consists of a water reservoir, a thick pad, and a fan. The fan is responsible for drawing hot air into the evaporative machine and blows it through cooler pads. The pads absorb some water from the reservoir and as warm air passes through evaporation takes place.

The water within the pads changes to a gaseous state as evaporation takes place. The temperature drops and the fan blows the cold air into different positions within your patio. The evaporative cooling system is suitable for indoors, and it is instrumental in chilling the hot summer air around.

An example of a portable evaporative cooling system is the Swamp Coolers.  Swamp coolers are also called evaporative coolers, and they use the power of evaporation to cool the air just like the misting fan. When the summer temperatures soar, an evaporative cooler can keep your patio cool the utilization of the natural process of evaporation.

The swamp cooler functions by drawing hot air into a machine with cooling pads moistened with water. The dry air will aid evaporation when forced through the water soaked pads, and the inbuilt fan distributes the cold air to different places on your patio. The evaporative cooler can be put in any situation where it can blow chilled air to different directions.

The chilled air from the swamp cooler is usually 4 to 6 degrees lower than the actual temperature outside. The other advantage of using the swamp cooler is that it adds moisture in the air. The atmosphere around the patio is generally cooled, and you will be able to enjoy refreshing temperatures.

A swamp cooler is an excellent choice for open spaces in your patio since it is relatively cheap to operate. It only uses electric power for running the fan, and this is not much compared to other methods of cooling like air conditioners. The cooling system is simple which makes the swamp cooler a useful cooling option for your patio.

Manage Your Shade

It is undoubtedly true that open spaces are hotter than areas under cover of the shade during hot days. The other issue is that the pavers in your patio absorb heat during hot days and they radiate it back to you. The heat that has been absorbed by the pavers can still affect you even during the night when you are relaxing on your patio. To avoid this scenario, you can try any of the following options:

1. Consider Your Landscape Around Your Patio

Green vegetation is very useful in moderating the temperature within the surrounding areas. You can grow hedge along the sides of the direction of the sun during the afternoon when its heat is at its peak. The vegetation will help to absorb the heat before you relax during the evening. The trees also provide a cooling effect around the area through the process of evapotranspiration that takes place when it is hot. Planting a garden is another option for cooling your outdoor patio. Green vegetation helps to absorb heat from the sun thereby creating a calm environment. Evapotranspiration is another cooling system that takes place on all plants and helps to cool the surrounding areas.

2. Erect A Shade On Your Patio

It is common knowledge that the temperature is lower under the shade compared to open space. When you choose the material for the shade, make sure that it does not absorb heat otherwise you may trap yourself in an oven. You can also create a shadow that supports climbing vine since it helps to absorb the heat from the sun apart from providing shade alone.

3. Erect Temporary Shade

If you do not want something permanent on your patio, then you can consider temporary shade since it can provide enough cover. You can choose large umbrellas or temporary garden gazebos that are removable. The advantage of removable shade is that it is portable and you can quickly move it to any place that you desire within your home.

4. Put Water Features Around Your Patio

An outdoor shower and a water fountain are effective cooling systems that that can give you refreshing air during summer days. When it is hot, evaporation is also high from water sources like a fountain. As this process of evaporation takes place, it cools the air around the area. Plus the sound of a running water feature is soothing.

5. Ensure The Patio Is On The Right Side Of The House

The location of the patio on your property is crucial since it helps you to lower the effects of the sun, especially in summer. The ideal position of the courtyard is the northern side of the house since it provides shade all day. The southern part of the house is exposed to the sun so moving north can be an excellent plan to reduce the amount of heat on your patio. If you are building or remodeling your house consider your patio location.

Summarize Cooling Options

When the temperature reaches its peak in summer, you need to find viable options for cooling yourself and guests on the patio at your place. In most cases, when the temperature is high, the humidity is very low. In such a scenario, a misting outdoor cooling system can give you great comfort since it chills the hot air to desirable conditions.  More importantly, they are energy efficient compared to other traditional cooling systems like central or window air-conditioners in homes.

The swamp cooler system is useful since it uses the power of evaporation while at the same time consuming little energy. The evaporation cooling option can also offer you great convenience about cooling your patio since they also harness on the natural process of evaporation. If none of these work you could purchase or rent a portable air conditioning unit to use when needed.

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