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How To Best Arrange Your Seating

Outdoor Patio Furniture Ideas

Patio furniture is one of the most important elements of an outdoor patio area. If you want family and guests to be comfortable, they need a good place to sit. This means sofas, loungers, chairs and a good table in the middle.

One of the most important considerations here is the layout of this outdoor furniture. Clearly, it all needs to fit in the space provided and work as a set. However, there is more to creating a great layout than that. The following tips highlight areas of design and functionality to help you with your look.

8 Top Tips For Creating The Ideal Layout For Your Patio Furniture

1) Remember Why You Are Creating This Outdoor Space For Your Friends And Family

The aim here is to create a functional space. There are benefits to keeping the seating area away from any outdoor entertainment, cooking areas or other portions of the garden. However, it still needs to be functional.

 This is where you are going to sit, relax, warm up by a heater or eat some food at the table. The most simple layouts are seated around a table or other focal point. If you don’t yet have a focal point for the outdoor patio, create one. This is a great first step, but there is more to it than that.

2) There Should Be A Good Flow Around The Patio Furniture

One of the most important elements to creating this functional space is the idea of creating a good flow. All family members and guests that are using this space need to be able to get around with ease. This means walking from the house to a seat, or the seat to the garden or cooking area.

This all has to be achievable without annoying other people or bashing into anything. Users should be able to walk around the back of outdoor furniture to avoid interrupting people while talking or eating. This means a good gap between the wall and the sofa.

3) Don’t Forget About The Style Of The Area

Functionality is important, but so is style. Something is appealing about bridging the gap between the home and garden. This is easily done with these seating areas and a well-designed patio. You are essentially creating an outdoor living room area with cozy furniture and decorations.

This is somewhere to retreat to and enjoy the sights and smells of the garden. This is why you should think about more than just the seats and sofa when planning a layout for outdoor furniture. Consider the role of side tables for drinks or ottomans to rest feet on.

4) Go Further With Style With Appropriate Accessories

The style continues with color schemes, patterns, and accessories. This is another way of combining the indoor and outdoor elements with significant effect. Start by thinking about the lighting. Some great effects are easily achieved from LED string lights, candles, and lanterns.

They bring light on darker evenings and a cozy feel. Cushions and soft furnishing make the area more like a living room and the outdoor patio more welcoming. Other decorative elements like artwork, potted plants or vases of flowers add to the final theme.

5) Consider The Materials You Are Using In This New Outdoor Furniture To Help With The Final Layout

The final look you create with this patio furniture will depend on the style and materials you use. Different frames have a different vibe and will either add to or detract from the final look of the area. Aluminum is clean and bright for a modern, contemporary look. Make sure that it is a durable, high-end model, however. You don’t want dents and damage ruining the look.

 Alternative metals are available, some offering an industrial or rustic look, often with added weather resistance. Just remember that they can be heavy and dark. Wood and wicker frames are much lighter, and you can paint them to match a color scheme. This is great when altering schemes and moving furniture during parties. Just remember to treat the wood correctly, and that light colors will show up the dirt.

6) Don’t Expect To Get It Right First Time

This idea of moving the patio furniture around altering the scheme is important for two reasons. First of all, you may not get the design right the first time. Perfectionists will start by creating that flow, placing the longest sofa against the back wall and experimenting with the smaller items. Put everything in its place.

 Then simply test it out regarding the view, access to the table and other facilities. Can you create that functional area mentioned above? If not, try again. Also, Step back and see what it looks like from the garden. This is where you can really see if the style is working as hoped. Tweak it until you are happy.

7) Make Sure That The Layout Is Adaptable, Not Overly Rigid

The other important reason for light, portable outdoor furniture is portability. Don’t forget that it will need to move around on many occasions. This isn’t going to stay fixed in a permanent position on the paving.

Guests and family members are going to want to move the chairs and stools around during different gatherings. Some kids may want to sit on an ottoman and move that nearer the table or play area. The layout needs to be functional and stylish, but it also needs to remain relaxed enough to deal with these demands.

8) Be Open To Change At A Later Date

Finally, this idea of changing the look of the furniture is great for those that get bored easily. New cushions and decorations are often enough to freshen up the look of the outdoor patio. However, you may feel that a new layout is necessary too, especially when next summer comes around.

 This is also true if you update the garden and other amenities around the seating area. If you invest in a gas grill, fireplace or planting, the seating may need a whole new layout to compliment that. Don’t get too tied down to a vision. 

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