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Are Electric Fireplaces Any Better Than Gas Or Wood-Burning Outdoor Fireplaces

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Outdoor fireplaces can really make or break an outdoor patio area. The best provide warmth and light and act as a great focal point. They are a great investment for anyone that has regular gatherings and needs more heat in an evening. There are different styles of fireplaces out there, and many advocate the use of electric fireplaces instead of gas or wood. Are they really any better?

The First Question For Many Consumers Is Simple. Why Choose Electric Fireplaces Over Gas Or Wood Burning Options?

There is a clear safety element to these electric models because they don’t use this real fire and flammable materials. Not only does this mean that they are less of a fire hazard, but there is also no risk from ashes and smoke. This means less pollution and less chance of annoying your neighbors.

This environmental angle is another great benefit of these outdoor fireplaces for some buyers. There are fewer wooden logs burned and less reliance on propane and bad fuels. Energy efficiency here depends on how much use we get out of them and the type of model. However, many homeowners can keep track of energy usage with these electric models.

This energy use and lack of extra purchases mean that this is also an appealing, low-cost option. That is great for families that want outdoor heating on a budget. The other answer here is convenience. There is no fuel to buy and burn, and they are easier to set up and enjoy. This is especially true on colder, windier days when the real flames may not be so wise.

Some Outdoor Fireplaces Are More Portable Than Others

On the subject of convenience, there are pros and cons to both type of heating system in regards to portability. Gas and wood burning fireplaces are often limited regarding location. They need to be in a secure area, on a flat surface, where we can use them with ease.

The lightweight, simple electric models can travel around more easily. This is ideal for those throwing a larger party that needs to reconfigure the space. However, there is a clear drawback here. The first issue is the fact that the model needs access to a power outlet.This means that there are still limitations on how far it can move away from the house. It all depends on what the power supply is like in the garden. Some suggest hooking it up to an extension cord, but there are some safety concerns here.

Another factor that limits this idea of portability is the weatherproofing. Gas and wood models can go pretty much anywhere that is secure and exposed to the elements. A little rain won't hurt the best-made models. Electric fireplaces are different because electricity and water do not mix. They, therefore, need to be in a sheltered area and not used in the rain.

Another Major Difference With These Electric Fireplaces Is The Effect Of The Fire

These products are all about faux flames and embers in a mock fireplace. It gives an illusion of a real fireplace without the fire. While this is safer and more convenient, it takes away some of the feel and looks of the real thing. At one point, the looks of these appliances were a downfall. Makers made basic outdoor models of indoor heaters and left it at that.

The good news is that designs and features have progressed since the 1980s. There are now lots of great designs out there to choose from. The faux fire logs have developed so that they look pretty realistic and the embers and flame effects are pleasing on the eye. Some look like traditional stone and brick fireplaces while other have a contemporary look. The best option depends on the look of the outdoor area.

Is It Worth Considering Electric Fireplaces For Your Outdoor Seating Area?

For some homeowners, there is no substitution at all for a real fire. Many would rather take the time to set up the wood or the propane to have a camp fire. For others, this is a good alternative when the fire is out of the question. There are clear pros and cons to choosing to go electric. However, the designs, ease of use, convenience and safety all ensure they are reliable outdoor fireplaces.



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