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Building Your Man Cave In The Garage

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Tips For Creating The Man Cave Garage In The Outdoor Living 

Everyone needs their space, somewhere they can retreat to when they need to relax, unwind and indulge in activities. Some people create serene studies and reading books. Many women have taken to turning guest bedrooms into craft rooms for art, sewing or jewelry making. So what about the men? The man cave is a fairly modern phenomenon, but one that has caught on significantly. Some have the opportunity of creating one in a guest bedroom. Others face relegation to an outdoor shed for a new take on outdoor living.

The ideal compromise is to create a masculine, personalized space in the garage. It is secure, roomy, out the way and ideal for renovations. The question is, where do you begin with this new quest for outdoor living? How do you ensure that your garage becomes the ideal space for your needs?

The First Step Is Prepping The Space And Starting With A Blank Slate

It is hard to see precisely what to do with space when it is full of junk. If your garage is an unloved storage space, the first thing to do is tidy it all out. That gives you a chance to start fresh with new items for outdoor living, and rediscover old ones. It also highlights the room that is hidden behind all the boxes. You will get a better sense of the place. Where the power outlets are, how light and airy the room could be and just how much space there is.

You May Also Need To Create A More Secure, Comfortable Area With Insulation And Security

If you have only spent a few minutes per week in the garage, you may not have realized how cold it gets. This may be an example of outdoor living, but you need to treat this room like another room of the house. This means insulation from the cold, waterproofing where needed and security. Security on the garage should have been strong anyway, as it is an access point to the house. If you plan on moving valuables in there, you may want to step things up a notch.

Next, Start Working On The Basics Of The Floor And Walls

Once the place is clean, secure and really for is a new purpose, consider the basics of this new outdoor living space. How does the floor look? A basic concrete floor will be a bit cold and rough for a lavish retreat like this. Do you want to add floorboards, carpeting or other aspects to make the place smarter or cozier? What color should the walls be? Do you want to build any major structural elements, like cabinets or a bar area? What sort of lighting do you require? Basic lighting in most garages won't be enough to light up the whole room. There are lots of styles of lighting to choose from. Your choice here, as with the paintwork, will depend on the next factor.

The Best Man Caves Work On A Clear Theme With Key Features Of The Room

Why are you retreating to this space? Do you have a passion for video games, movies, sports, cars or music? Everyone has a passion in life, and a needs a place to enjoy it. Again, if women can have sewing rooms, men should have a special outdoor living space. We all need somewhere to work on a car, play video games or practice an instrument. Whatever the reason, run with it and make sure to express yourself. The room needs to be perfectly equipped for each hobby and interest, with the right furniture and equipment. With the seating, also consider how many guests you may need to accommodate.

Adding The Finishing Touches To Transform It Into A Man Cave That Others Will Envy

Personal effects and décor are what turn a functional outdoor living room into a stunning man cave. Posters and wall art can transform the space, especially movie adverts, tour posters or limited edition prints. If you have memorabilia that forms a collection, such as for comic books, movies or football, display them well. Frame signed work and jerseys. Place figurines and other items in a special display cabinet.

It is worth putting the way in with this approach to the outdoor living because of its purpose. This is meant to be an area of tranquil retreat and beauty. It is worth considering the budget and design carefully to match your vision. Compromises may come in on cost, but not on final look and function. This is your space and your garage – own it.



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